Recent Publications

  • Manipulating the magnetic moment of palladium clusters by adsorption and dissociation of molecular hydrogen. Mar铆a J. L贸pez; Mar铆a Blanco-Rey; J. I. Juaristi; Maite Alducin; Julio A. Alonso. Journal of Physical Chemistry C. 121, pp. 20756 – 20762. ACS, 04/09/2017.
  • Adsorption and growth of palladium clusters on graphdiyne. A. Seif; Mar铆a J. L贸pez; Alejandra Granja-Del R铆o; K. Azizi; Julio A. Alonso. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics. 219, pp. 19094 – 19102. Royal Society of Chemistry, 07/2017.
  • Interaction of aromatic molecules with small gold clusters. L. M. Molina; M. J. L贸pez; J. A. Alonso. Chemical Physics Letters. 684, pp. 91 – 96. Elsevier, 15/06/2017.
  • Structural prediction of graphitization and porosity in carbide-derived carbons.
    C. de Tom谩s, I. Suarez-Mart铆nez, F. Vallejos-Burgos, M.J. L贸pez, K. Kaneko, and N.A. Marks, Carbon 119, 1-9 (2017).
  • Searching for DFT-based methods that include dispersion interactions to calculate the physisorption of H2 on benzene and graphene. I. Cabria; M. J. L贸pez; J. A. Alonso. Journal of Chemical Physics. 146, pp. 214104:1 -214104:11. American Institute of Physics, 01/06/2017.
  • Hydrogen Chemical Configuration and Thermal Stability in Tungsten Disulfide Nanoparticles Exposed to Hydrogen Plasma.A. Laikhtan; G. Makrinich; M. Sezen; M. M. Yildizhan; J. I. Mart铆nez; D. Dinescu; M. Prodana; M. Enachescu; J. A. Alonso; A. Zak.聽 Journal of Physical Chemistry C. 121, pp. 11747 – 11756. ACS, 01/05/2017.
  • Competition between Palladium Clusters and Hydrogen to Saturate Graphene Vacancies. A. Granja Del R铆o; J. A. Alonso; M.J. L贸pez. Journal of Physical Chemistry C. 121, pp. 1843 – 1850. ACS, 17/02/2017.
  • Controlling CO adsorption on Pt clusters by dopant-induced charge transfer. P. Ferrari; Luis M. Molina; V. E. Kaydashev; Julio A. Alonso; P. Lievens. Belgian Physical Society Magazine. N2, pp. 12 – 18. Belgian Physical Society, 2017.
  • Steric and chemical effects on the hydrogen adsorption and dissociation on free and graphene鈥搒upported palladium clusters. A. Granja Del R铆o; J. A. Alonso; M. J. L贸pez. Computational and Theoretical Chemistry. 1107, pp. 23 – 29. Elsevier, 2017.
  • Controlling the adsorption of carbon monoxide on platinum clusters by dopant-induced electronic structure modification. P. Ferrari; L. M. Molina; V. E. Kaydashev; J. A. Alonso; P. Lievens; E. Janssens; P. Lievens. Angewandte Chemie International Edition. 55, pp. 11059 – 11063. Wiley, 28/07/2016.
  • Is spillover relevant for hydrogen adsorption and storage in porous carbons doped with palladium nanoparticles?. Maria Blanco Rey; J. I. Juaristi; M. Alducin; M. J. L贸pez; J. A. Alonso. Journal of Physical Chemistry C. 120, pp. 17357 – 17364. ACS, 19/07/2016.
  • The Diels-Alder cycloaddition reaction of substituted hemifullerenes with 1,3-butadiene: effect of electron-donating and electron-withdrawing substituents. Julio A. Alonso; Martha V. Mojica; Francisco M茅ndez. Molecules. 21, pp. 200:1 – 200:12. MDPI, 2016.